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To maintain optimal performance, do not rest your lenses against any hard or abrasive surface. Do not leave the eyewear exposed to direct sunlight under high temperatures, such as on an automobile dashboard, or window sill, as this may damage your frame and its components. Your case and microfiber cleaning cloth or pouch have been designed to protect your eyewear during transport and storage. Always be sure to keep the lenses free of dust, grime, oils, and debris before storing your SWORKE® eyewear. Following these simple steps will ensure that your SWORKE® eyewear is always ready for use whenever you need it.



Clean your lenses carefully. First, blow off any particles on the lens surface. Wash with mild soap and water. Wipe dry with a soft cotton or professional cleaning cloth. Do not use paper towels, other wood fiber paper products, abrasive cleaners, alkaline cleaners, or other abrasive compounds or solvents. Do not dry clean your lens. For optimal clarity and long-lasting quality, please wipe your lenses with a SWORKE® microfiber cleaning cloth or pouch.

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